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Help to improve the Online Glaze Calculator by answering some questions.

I'm a professional ceramicist non professional
My first language is: English Other
I already used the Online Glaze Calculator:
1 - 5 times 6 - 10 times more
My favorite glaze calculation program is:
My favorite firing cone is:
I use following cone type/s:
(Large LRB, Small SRB, Self Supp. SSB, Bars, PTCR, Seger, other? Manufacturer?)

I measure temperatures with °C °F
Exactly calculation of maturing temperature is not possible for physically reasons. Compared to other calculators the Online Glaze Calculator temperature prediction is:
good don't know not good
The following calculator seems to calculate glaze properties more exactly:
I would like to have the following additional calculator function:
My Internet connection is:
fast medium slow
The Online Glaze Calculator website appears at my browser window
fast medium slow
The Online Glaze Calculator calculates °F, °C, Cone, COE, Si/Al, Acids/Bases, Limit Formulas,
Mol, Unity, Analysis, Mol%. I miss following parameter/s:
non yes, I need:
I prefer for line blend calculation following method:
What do you like about the Online Glaze Calculator?
What do you not like?
Recommend a link to a glaze recipe collection: http://
Recommend a link to a material data collection: http://
Recommend a link to limit formulas: http://
Other link of interest: http://
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